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The Story So Far...

Hello all and welcome!

My name is Jay Prem-Jodha (High Dip).

My journey started with me having to pick

what to study at college...?

Hmmm, they don't have much that I like, and it definitely isn't Hogwarts!

So, I decided on Beauty Therapist (C&G NVQ3).

There was even some Crystal Healing involved

with the Hot Stone Therapies too!

Then sometime later,

I went on to complete my studies and

High Diploma's in

Complementary and Holistic Therapies.

This gave me the opportunity to study area's

such as Masters in Aromatherapy and Herbalism

as well as Bach Flower Remedies.

Along with High Diplomas in Counselling Techniques, Meditation Teaching, Crystal Healing, Holistic Product Making and Hopi Ear Candling.

Finally, I came to study my Kundalini Yoga

Teachers Training (ISKY Diploma)

and completing my Reiki Masters. 

Meaning now, at long last,

I can finally bring to you  

 The Hidden Sanctuary...


I have been practicing Tarot & Crystal Healing since my teenage years and my love & passion has always been for nature, plants and animals.

I have always loved studying natural methods to improve our health & well-being.

Whilst I grew up, we did a great deal of moving round, due to up & down family situations.

It is definitely true what they say - that what we experience gives us our strengths.

Also, me being a rather 'alternative' child 

(as I'm sure some can sympathize with) school wasn't great!

This, however, has given me the drive for adult learning in all of the areas that I love!

So, I am really grateful now.

 I qualified as a Beauty Therapist, with the hope it could be a doorway into more therapies. After that, I then gladly found & trained with a local school that specialized in natural health and healing sciences.

Alongside the business here, I am also at the start of my final educational adventure, and working towards completing a Degree in Psychology & Counselling Skills, to finish off all of my longed-for studies.


The  Plan...

My main aim with the website here is of course, to spread my practices.

But more importantly, it has been to create a safe online space. Where we can all support each other in spiritual growth and healing.

As I'm sure we can all see, there isn't many places for us to turn

to in this busy day and age.

There is on offer here a variety of online Meditations and Immersions, as well as Yoga Sessions you can follow in your own living room!

Please also see my services list, where there is a variety of massage, health, and beauty treatments available for you, here at The Sanctuary.

Alongside my services, I soon plan to offer Healing Events and Training Retreats, in Reiki and Meditation Guidance.​

The Dream...


Let me share with you the Big Dream!

In my teenage years, I came to realise that for the same price as a local house.

I could buy an off the grid, farm-style, healing retreat.

To offer you cheap spiritual get-away's!

That is the big aim, to finally fund the Hidden Sanctuary Retreat.

Please also check out:

The Hidden Sanctuary Blog!

Our members only information blog with regular posts on spiritual practices as well as teachings in herbs, oils, crystals and more.

I have also created there the

'Feeling the Healing' open support group for those of us facing the hard times of shadow work and growth.

Membership of the secret blog also gives you a 10% loyalty discount, on everything else that I do!

In the future,

I also hope to offer live support chats & Tarot card readings.



I thank you again for your time & support.

Love & Light

as always.


Jay Prem-Jodha